WELCOME to the Official Report of the 2010 Master National Hunting Test, October 10-17, brought to you by the Retriever News and written by Tina Ebner & Joule Charney. We hope you enjoy these daily updates on the 10-10-10 Master National, held this year in and around Corning, California.


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Friday, October 8, 2010

OPENING CEREMONY- Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Master National Report! The event will be starting very soon and news and updates will be soon to follow. Enjoy your stay and check back often!

2010 marks the Twentieth Anniversary of the Master National. The Clear Creek Sports Club is the site of this year's big event, welcoming more than 350 dogs from around the country. Anticipation is building as the tests are soon to begin. The surrounding training grounds have been used all week by pre-national training groups acclimating their dogs to the new environment. There has been record-breaking heat in the past weeks, but now it is a sunny 70-80 degrees by the afternoon.

The Master National merchandise sales were opened early to the Judges and Board of Directors. There were many new and different choices this year with custom apparel, mugs, stuffed animals and even martini glasses.

The Master National has formed an alliance with Chase Away K9 Cancer...an on-going effort to raise funds for Canine Cancer Studies.

L to R: Terry Elliott, Nancy Prendergast and Pam Bunnell

Friends from all regions of the country convened at the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning, California for the official beginning of the 10-10-10 Master National. The catchy phrase 10-10-10 refers to the actual start of the tests. Opening Ceremonies featured a Color Guard of the Young Marines. The National Anthem was an emotional moment as the entire room joined in. The evening was presided over by Janet Peters, MNRC president, who introduced the MNRC officers in attendance and committee heads.

Terry Stevens, the sponsor liaison, thanked the various sponsors for their generous contributions. They included Purina, Eukanuba, Avery, Retriever News, Tritronics, Dogtra, Tangelo Products, and the newest contributor, Cabelas. Jay Phelps thanked the set-up crew for all of their hard work.

Applause rang out as Retiring and Hall of Fame dogs were honored with their images projected onto two large screens on either side of the room. Next, a video for Chase Away K9 Cancer was shown. We know it's been said a thousand times before, but there truly wasn't a dry eye in the house as many of our beloved friends were featured. Owner of the dog 'Chase,' Cera Reusser, informed the audience about this passionate cause. 

'Niki,' a chocolate lab who has triumphed over cancer, was chosen to retrieve the bumpers to determine the starting number for each flight. She is owned by Frank Barton, MNRC Sec'y. The crowd roared with delight as she shopped on the stage, finally determining Dog # 61 as the starting dog in each flight, A, B and C.


Master National Running Order

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